Roleplay info.
Veronica Sawyer RP blog. Mainly based off the musical but with movie influences.
Primarily I play modern! Veronica with a Kristen Stewart faceclaim. But I will play 80s Veronica--just plot with me.
5+ years Rping on Tumblr.
I tag triggers accordingly, I expect the same of you.
Mun is 21--I will not RP sexy stuff with underage players
Up for paras, gif chats, anything. Always up for plotting.

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and there's your final bell...

I rewatched the movie, Heathers and there are SOOO MANY LITTLE THINGS I FORGOT. Like Veronica using a fucking monocle when she writes in her diary. We definitely need a “you know what I want babe? cool guys like you out of my life.” in the musical? Like god damn, Winnona Ryder was in her prime. 

Anywaaay, I’m really shy and new to indie RPing but my ask box is open and I’m down to making some starters.

"You want me to forge what?”

+ New Veronica Sawyer indie blog

+Musical and Movie based

+5 plus years RP experience

+Interested manly in playing a modern!verse Veronica

+Open to all verses.